X2O Media Announces X2O.Join

X2O.Join Extends the Power of the X2O Visual Communications Platform to the Desktop for Real-Time Access to Communication Channels on Screens Employees Use Most

MONTREAL — Oct. 6, 2015 — X2O Media, a Barco company, today announced the latest addition to the X2O real-time visual communications platform, the X2O.Join connected desktop. X2O.Join allows users to view any channel on the enterprise-wide X2O network, such as those on video walls and digital displays, as well as additional channels right on their desktops or laptops.

"Personal devices, new collaboration tools, and any-screen communications are transforming organizations into digital workplaces. The X2O platform pulls all of these trends together so that enterprises can easily share business-critical information with employees in a timely way via media-rich channels that appear on different screens throughout the organization," said David Wilkins, President of X2O Media, a Barco company.

"X2O.Join extends the power of the X2O platform so that users can view all communications channels from the screens they access often — their desktop workstations or laptops."

X2O.Join allows users to browse and view any channel on the X2O network, where channels featuring data-driven graphics, video, social media content, and more can be displayed as floating windows on the desktop or used as screensavers. In addition, widgets containing bite-sized amounts of real-time information can be pinned to the desktop for continuous updates. Channels can also be broadcast over the network as targeted pop-up notifications or as critical alerts that display security or safety announcements. Typical applications include:

• Company news
• Business intelligence dashboards
• Employee surveys and polls
• Targeted "push" notifications
• Real-time emergency alerts

X2O.Join is compatible with features of the X2O platform, including drag-and-drop channel building, smart objects, data management tools, the content management portal, and network management tools. It offers enterprise-grade security with support for LDAP/Active Directory. X2O.Join also supports multiple platforms and operating systems and a wide range of standard data sources, with the ability to add an unlimited number of custom data sources. It is highly scalable for enterprise-wide deployments and includes a library of ready-to-use channels and widgets.

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