DCD Focuses On The Skills of The IT Workforce In Thailand

Thailand is recognized globally as a ‘rising dragon’ with very strong opportunities for growth and prosperity driven by the harnessing of enterprise, technologies and skills. It is no accident that savvy international data center investors such as NTT Communications and SuperNap International have chosen Thailand as their next location for expansion.

As the second largest economy in South East Asia, as a point of access into adjacent markets and with a young, IT-literate population, Thailand remains a country on the verge of a digital transformation.

Mark Thiele, EVP Ecosystem Development & Evangelism of SUPERNAP International, who is also recognized as a “Top 100 Cloud” and “Top 10 Data Center” blogger in the world confirmed that this is an exciting time for technology in Thailand: “Thailand is actively engaged in efforts to improve its position in the world economy where technology infrastructure is crucial to success.

The sentiment in Thailand that building and enabling the modern infrastructure of data centers, cloud, and networks will drive their economy is also held by many other countries in the Asia Pacific region. A highly educated workforce combined with the rapid adoption of modern tools associated with mobility, cloud, IoT, and Big data means there is tremendous opportunity across the region for growth.

I expect the region to double the number of high tech jobs over the next five years and to quadruple the infrastructure of data centers, connectivity, and cloud required to meet the demand in that same period.”

Indeed, education is an important foundation to any economy. It is particularly critical as a foundation for a period in which technology will shape and change the economy and society.

This causes concern – one in four organisations (24.9%) in the emerging markets of South East Asia are seriously concerned that a shortage of suitably skilled labour will negatively affect their future operations, and a further 16.0% are concerned about the impact on increasing labour costs.

DatacenterDynamics (DCD) will share insights, case studies and examples of best practice in how Thailand is preparing its workforce for the digital economy through its 2nd Focus event in Thailand. The event will take place at Swissotel Le Concorde on 28 January 2016, gathering industry leaders and senior IT professionals who are passionate in building the frontier of this industry.

As a preview to the event, we interviewed industry leader, Kosit Suksingha, the Executive Director of TCC Technology, and also Senior Vice president of Thai Beverage PLC. Ltd for his insights into the preparedness  of the IT workforce in Thailand.

Khun Kosit is enthusiastically about the path ahead: “The Digital Economy has ignited interest in both the Government and private sectors, pushing them to speed up technology adoption, and at the same time, to develop their IT workforce.

One example of an admirable program to continue the process of skill improvement is the formulation of the Eleventh National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016) which includes a range of scholarships in science and technology offered by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Effort from the public sector alone will unfortunately not be enough. The private sector needs to play an equally important role to ensure a skilled IT workforce with the capability to support enterprises in the Digital Era.

TCCT offers the key for the private sector as an IT player which offers a pool of IT professionals who can consult and provide specialized IT support for a customer’s businesses region-wide. The consulting and support will at the same time help transfer knowledge and skills to IT staff within enterprises.

The important catalyst of cloud computing, in particular hybrid cloud, enables the IT workforce to extend their capabilities from the local to an international scale, supporting organizations wishing to expand beyond their local operating domain, and that is one of the many IT infrastructures we provide to support the country.”

DatacenterDynamics will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016. To encourage greater knowledge and networking in the industry with industry leaders and international speakers such as Mark and Khun Kosit, senior level IT end-users can claim their free passes (worth USD595) at http://www.dcdconverged.com/conferences/focus-on-thailand#tickets

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