Pexip to Introduce New Fusion Technology for Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync With Infinity 11

Pexip, a leading innovator in scalable, distributed collaboration software, today announced that the next version of its Infinity platform will include all-new Pexip Fusion technology.

Pexip Fusion greatly simplifies and enhances the user experience for Microsoft® Skype® for Business or Lync® users when they join meetings that include standards-based SIP or H.323 videoconferencing users, providing unmatched and fully native user experiences for meetings that span traditional technology silos.

"We developed Pexip Fusion to guarantee that users fully benefit from the experience that was intended by their native client — regardless of platform or manufacturer," said ├ůsmund O. Fodstad, CEO of Pexip.

"Fusion technology completely removes the barriers that make video-based meetings between today's major technologies — Skype for Business and legacy videoconferencing — cumbersome and less intuitive. Including Fusion in our Infinity platform makes meetings simpler by ensuring every user has a completely familiar meeting environment no matter which technology they choose to use."

Pexip Fusion is activated automatically in video-based meetings with participants using a mix of Skype for Business and legacy videoconferencing. Specifically, Skype for Business users will find familiar layouts, participant listings, and meeting controls.

They can, for instance, drag and drop standards-based videoconferencing users into meetings as they would with other Skype users. While in a Skype meeting, participants can also drag and drop Pexip Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) contacts into the meeting to merge complete meetings seamlessly based on different technologies.

Likewise, videoconferencing users will benefit from their familiar layouts and environments. Skype users then appear as if they were standard videoconferencing participants. During any meeting, Pexip's unique content sharing capabilities enable anyone to share presentations, documents, and other content with meeting participants.

Pexip Fusion goes beyond encompassing legacy videoconferencing and Skype for Business and Lync technologies. It also provides participants using mobile devices or Web-browser-based video with the same experience.

When using Pexip Infinity as a gateway or as the primary meeting platform, Fusion applies technology elements that define and control how standards-based videoconferencing and other video-enabled clients — such as WebRTC or Pexip's own Infinity Connect clients — work when they connect with Skype meetings.

Pexip Fusion is part of the company's new HyperNative experience concept, which ensures extensive native experiences across any platform or technology, with native apps, clients, and experiences for each.

The goal is to simplify users' participation in virtual collaborative meetings and conferences by providing an even better and more seamless experience from any platform. When participants retain the experience intended for the technology, the barriers to meeting become lower, and meeting efficiencies increase.

Pexip's award-winning Infinity platform is a global leader in interoperability, user experience, and the ability to tie anything and everything together to enable more efficient workdays on a worldwide scale.

Built on a purely virtualized, highly scalable distributed architecture, the platform is quick and easy to install, deploy, operate, and manage, allowing customers to capitalize on their investments and create truly efficient virtual collaboration cultures. Using Infinity, organizations can offer video, audio, and Web-based collaboration solutions to every employee via existing IT or cloud infrastructures — greatly improving organization efficiency while saving costs.

About Pexip

Pexip overthrows conventional thinking by providing an affordable, scalable, and virtualized meeting platform that truly enables everyone to do high-quality video, audio or web meetings from any device.

For Pexip, simplicity for the end user and scalability for IT are guiding principles in the design of Pexip Infinity, the scalable meeting platform. Founded in 2012, Pexip was created by leading innovators from the videoconferencing industry. Pexip is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has offices in New York and London.

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