The 5th DCD Converged Indonesia Conference and Expo Will be held in Jakarta

DatacenterDynamics (DCD), a leading full service B2B information provider through a series of specially tailored events for the data center industry, announces today that the company will hold its 5th DCD Converged Indonesia Conference and Expo on 7 April at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

The key focus of this event is to further catalyst the growth and innovations in the data center industry in Indonesia, and providing insights to overcome upcoming challenges, by bringing together over 450 experts in the IT, data center, and business sector.

“Indonesia as a data center market is relatively young by global standards, but looking at the voracious appetite of its large population for technology and Internet services, the country has become one of the most potential market in the world,” said Vincent Liew, APAC General Manager of DCD Group. 
“According to our data, Indonesia will experience a double digit growth in data centers, outsourcing services, and cloud investment - among the highest growth rate in the world.  We forecast that the country’s data center industry will be valued around US$ 280 million in 2016.”

One of the key drivers of the growth in this industry involves the Regulation 82 in 2012 regarding electronic system and transaction management, where electronic system providers have to run data and disaster recovery centers on Indonesian soil. Alongside with the rise of internet usage and web companies, it created a surge in demand for data centers, and thereafter, further challenges such as rising costs and limited skilled manpower.

Vincent added, “The industry responded to these challenges in accordance to how a developed market would do. Many companies are considering outsourcing in order to overcome the many challenges, including the capital expenditure, time, limited skilled manpower, and most importantly remain focused on their core business. Moreover, the industry itself is currently growing with confidence in outsourcing, with success stories from first adopters.”

The condition has spurred a boom of new data center and cloud providers, including expansions by TelkomSigma and Multipolar for the past year. To help the industry solving all the challenges, renowned global operators such as NTT Communications is seen to capitalize the opportunities through local partnerships.”

Alvin Siagian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in NTT Indonesia Nexcenter, shared his insights, “Data centers as critical facilities require quality and reliability in people, processes and infrastructure. With NTT Communication’s expertise, the Indonesian industry can look forward to a globally standardized service with quality, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, proven in 140 locations worldwide”.
“This year, we collaborate closely with NTT Indonesia Nexcenter to welcome the opportunity to host the forum for the industry and to provide a world-recognized and unrivaled networking and knowledge platform. Senior professionals can also look forward to data center tours and learning from one of the best data center operators in the region,” close Vincent.
Furthermore about the event, this year it will feature 6 key areas of discussion and focus, including Design+Build, Colo+Cloud, and Security+Risk. Also, celebrating its 15th anniversary, Datacenter Dynamics (DCD) is offering free passes to senior level end-users to learn from and network with the best minds in Indonesia and from abroad.

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