Single Axis Digital Controller Brings Enhanced Accuracy, Increased Speed & Greater Convenience to Nanopositionin

Delivering new benchmarks in dynamic performance and accuracy, Queensgate’s NPC-D-5200 is a digital controller for use with the company’s highly advanced closed loop piezo actuators and stages. Queensgate pioneered the use of capacitive sensors to provide precise positional feedback in closed loop; the NPC-D-5200 incorporates a precision capacitive measurement circuit and is updated with the stage position 120000 times per second, delivering high positional accuracy at speed.

It has the capacity to address a broad spectrum of highly demanding alignment and metrology applications. By employing proprietary low noise technology, stage position noise has been reduced so that in the majority of implementations it is just a few tens of pm.

The NPC-D-5200 controller has a compact (268mm x 194mm x 70mm) and lightweight (1.7kg) construction. It incorporates serial (RS232), USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces, so that connectivity options are not restricted and system flexibility is maximized. The unit has an operational temperature range that covers 10°C to 40°C.

About Queensgate

Based in Cambridge, UK, Queensgate Instruments is at the forefront of nanopositioning technology - serving the market with top quality products that deliver the highest degrees of accuracy and repeatability. The company, which is part of the Elektron Technology Group, has a product portfolio that includes capacitance sensors, nanopositioning actuators and stages.

Queensgate was established in 1979. It originating from ground-breaking research that was conducted at Imperial College, London. Today the company’s advanced nanopositioning solutions are used across the globe, in a broad spectrum of industry sectors - such as biotechnology, medicine, astronomy, aerospace, semiconductor manufacture, optics and mass computer storage systems.

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